Quality – Environment

Management Policy

RS ISOLSEC produces Low and Medium Voltage instrument Transformers for Utilities, OEM and Railway.

Our offer include design and manufacturing and is based on continuously improving ans environment friendly processes.

Our management policy is based on the following principles in order to establish a long term relation with our customers :

– Develop innovative solutions with our customers and suppliers

– Deliver quality solutions that respect customers specifications

– Keep our commitment for on time delivery

– Manage costs to remain competitive

– Invest in human resources skills

– Comply with environment regulations


Protection of the Environment is an underlying part of RS ISOLSEC’s policy, based on 4 main principle.


Environmental policy

Protection of the Environment is an underlying part of RS ISOLSEC’s policy, based on 4 main principles :

  • Prevent Contamination of the Environment coming from our activities, products or services, collaborating in reaching sustainable development
  • Protect efficiently the Environment taking into account the most advanced technologies, applied to our environmental aspects
  • Transparency in our environmental management
  • Full commitment of every member of our staff

With a stong willingness to implement these principles in our enviromental management, RS ISOLSEC commitments are :

  • Comply with European, national and local environmental regulations
  • Evaluate environmental impact of our activities, products or services, aiming at preventing, avoiding or limiting it to its minimum, while making responsable use of our resources, taking into account available clean technologies.
  • Anticipate potential environmental impact of new products, services or processes
  • Through participation of all our staff, set up programs aiming at continuous improvement of our environmental behaviors.
  • Get accurate information and implement required measures to prevent accidents that may have negative impact on the environment.
  • Collaborate with Public Authorities to coordinate actions taken to prevent or minimize environmental aspects of eventual accidents.
  • Set up processes and communication/information means with our customers, suppliers, and generally speaking the public, regarding environmental aspects and to record their decisions.
  • Foster participation, involvement, and responsibility of every member of our staff on potential impact of own work on the environment, through continous training and sensibilization.