REACH -ROHS-Conflict minerals

Declaration of commitment to REACH
(Registration, Evaluation, Authorization of CHemicals), CE regulation n°1907/2006)

Being a manufacturer of dry-type instrument transformers, RS ISOLSEC is not directly affected by REACH regulation.

However, as a « downstream user » of products that could be concerned by REACH, and in order to support the complete supply and production chain, RS ISOLSEC has initiated in 2008 with all its suppliers a process aiming at:

  • Identifying purchased goods that contain REACH-related chemicals
  • Make sure that REACH-related chemicals are or shall be recorded or pre-recorded within the stated leadtime (between June 1st, 2008, and June 1st, 2018) and in conformance with REACH ruling.
  • Look for alternative solutions to chemicals that could be withdrawn from the market.

Our commitment is to ensure our clients a continuous supply of REACH-compliant products.

Please note that all products manufactured by RS ISOLSEC are free of any SVHC component (Substances of Very High Concern) as identified by ECHA (European Chemicals Agency) on the “candidate list #15” dated June 20, 2016.

For any question related to the conformity of our products to REACH, please contact us at, or RS ISOLSEC will not issue customized versions of this declaration to its past, present, and future clients. This will help reducing administrative costs and will help the preservation of our environment. This on-line declaration states the position of RS ISOLSEC towards REACH regulation.

RoHS Certificate

RS ISOLSEC is compliant with RoHS regulation concerning the restriction of use of potentially hazardous chemicals.

Conflict Minerals

RS ISOLSEC does not procure Conflict Minerals from Covered Countries and Supplier, and further certifies that it has not provided, and will not provide, its customers with any products or materials that contain such Conflict Minerals as those terms are defined in the Securities and Exchange Commission’s final rules governing Conflict Minerals set forth at 17 CFR Parts 240 and 249(b), promulgated pursuant to Section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.

This certification covers all products provided to RS ISOLSEC’s customers on or after January 31, 2013.